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“I’m very happy with my results. I’m down 15 pounds, which before I would have been angry about—I would have wanted to be down 30 or 40 pounds. This time is different. It is a lifestyle change. I’ve learned to make better food choices, to not eat just to eat. I now eat to nourish my body. I look at food a whole new way. I have learned a lot about myself and my choices.”

Shelby D.

“I feel much more in control. I still slip up occasionally but it’s a shorter fall and I know what to do to get me back on track. I loved working with The Hungry Heart—they made me feel 100% comfortable and could identify with me. Thank you for everything!”

Dana V.

“My overall experience was surprisingly positive! I learned a lot about myself and the reasons I may have the eating habits I have. I learned to work through these feelings of trying to make people happy rather than making myself a priority. I’m important and I have the power to control what happens in my life, be it making a decision on what to eat or changing my attitude and behavior toward people who have contributed to the way I am today.”

Sean R.