Eating Disorder Statistics 2013

Check out these eating disorder statistics. Recent research by a national eating disorder therapist organization has indicated that eating disorders within the United States now have the highest mortality rate of any mental health problem facing our country today. Over 13 million people report binge eating, and 10 million women alone describe themselves as anorexic or bulimic at this time. Those are serious numbers. Do you have a problem with emotional overeating? Call the Hungry Heart today to learn more about our affordable program designed to help you stop the diet/binge cycle. We give you the tools to stop overeating for good.

Help for Overeating is Available

Did you know that more than one third of Americans today are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? The medical costs now associated with obesity in our country are now more than $150 billion dollars per year, with extra pounds associated with everything from increased risk of diabetes, to a lower income and shorter lifespan. Don’t become a statistic.

End your battle with weight loss and finally learn why eating disorders begin and how to break out of this negative cycle once and for all. The Hungry Heart’s unique approach to compulsive overeating is the answer you’ve tried so hard to find.