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About Us


LAUREN GRANT – Founder and Creator of “The Hungry Heart Program” is an inspiration and a mentor for anyone who is struggling with issues with food. From yo-yo dieting to emotional/stress eating, even food obsessions and binge eating … she has been there.

Lauren has lived it and overcome it against ALL odds and has created a successful time-tested program to help others do the same.

The story of her battle is an all too familiar one when currently, 1 in 5 women struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating*. Her triumph and her effective program to break out of that cycle is unique and it is one that will inspire others to Take Their Power Back and Create a Healthy Relationship with Food.

Since 1996, The Hungry Heart Program has helped clients overcome their issues with food and come to peace with their body and mind. Lauren’s life-changing program for emotional eating help online was created to help as many people as possible, no matter where they are located.

*National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) guide, Eating Disorders: Facts About Eating Disorders and the Search for Solutions


Lauren’s Story

For as long as I can remember my inner peace, self esteem, happiness, and overall quality of life was destroyed by my struggles with compulsive overeating, binging, and yo-yo dieting. I went through periods of my life where I would exercise excessively and attempt to starve myself in order to lose the weight I gained from binge eating.

Although there were times I would get my eating under control, it wasn’t long before I relapsed and I was binging again. This obsession with food drained my energy and stole my life. I spent years gaining and losing weight while I tried every diet, weight loss clinic, group, doctor, therapy, and book available. It took me years of work and self study to overcome my problems with food, BUT I DID IT!

After ten years of not needing food to deal with my life, maintaining my weight, exercising regularly, and approaching food in a healthy way, I realized how fortunate I was to be free of this painful cycle that had once ruled my life. I enjoyed each day as it came, working through my emotions without eating to block them, and taking care of myself without using food to do so. I knew if I could break free of this destructive cycle then others could too. I decided to create a systematic process to help others overcome their own issues with food so they could live a healthy, balanced life.

Creating The Hungry Heart Program

I spent several years developing The Hungry Heart program, incorporating the resources and tools that allowed me to achieve a healthy, happy life, and in 1996 I began working with clients in my first office in Laguna Niguel, California. After over a decade in business I decided it was time to take The Hungry Heart global to reach even more people, so I created this amazing program for emotional overeating help online.

I was amazed at the results I saw consistently with clients who went through the program. By providing the tools to create permanent lifestyle changes and working through resistance and self-sabotaging behavior, clients began feeling better about themselves, taking better care of themselves, and losing weight naturally and permanently. Over the years, my company has grown and I live each day with gratitude that not only have I been free of my compulsive overeating for over 23 years, but my program and team of counselors have helped thousands of others overcome their eating issues and we look forward to working with you too!

My Heart to Yours,

Lauren Grant

Founder & President
The Hungry Heart

“I have truly loved The Hungry Heart Program. After years of struggle I had been searching for emotional eating help online. I feel like food is no longer in control of my life, and I am so much happier because of it! I would recommend this program to all of my friends because it has truly changed my life for the better!” 

Ellie C.

“The first couple of sessions, I felt this program might not be right for me. There was a moment, though, during one session where I realized I was holding on to emotions and feelings that I thought I were over. That was the moment I realized that this program could help me change the way I deal with things in my life. I am still working through my eating issues, but they have changed. I want to thank you and the program for changing the way I see myself and food.” 

Kira J.

“My experience was very positive. I learned a lot about myself. This was a real eye opener. I was able to confront issues I didn’t realize were issues. I now have a new awareness of myself. Thank you.” 

Brenda L.