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5 Signs of Emotional Eating


Do you identify with these 5 Signs of an Emotional Eater?

Are you an emotional eater?


Emotional eating is one of those things that creep up on us. One day we are taking good care of ourselves eating healthy, maybe exercising, the next moment something sets us off and we are eating everything or anything not nailed down. We know what we’d like to do; we just can’t seem to do it. Here are some signs that you are involved with emotional eating too frequently.

1. Do you tend to over eat certain types of food over and over again? When something throws us off or it’s a certain time of the day or event, we end up going to our staple foods. We all have our go-to foods, but for us, it becomes mind less eating. We look forward to the first few bites, but then it becomes this mechanical eating; we don’t even remember ingesting most of it. But, it’s gone off the table and chances are we are the only one there.

2. Do you find when you have a bite of certain foods; you’re eating goes out of control? You know those foods, the ones that if we start with them, then we are in trouble. We know we are better off having nothing, than having something, because just that first taste will set us off and running in circles with the food. What do I eat next? We start obsessing about the food, should I have it should I not, leading up to the first bite. When we finally cave in to having it, we truly enjoy it for the first moment and then the guilt washes over us, but we keep on going.

3. Many days after school, work, or the days outing, I come home and go directly to the refrigerator. We don’t even think about it, before we turn around we are inhaling whatever is the closest thing in the cabinet or refrigerator. It has become such an automatic behavior, we are not even aware of what we are doing, until we are knee deep in snack foods.

4. Do you find after you lose weight and receive compliments or attention, you start to regain weight back? We are constantly asking ourselves why. Why can’t we just appreciate feeling good? Do we feel unworthy or not entitled to feel good? Or is the need for it serving so much more powerful then caring about how we feel about ourselves and our food choices.

5. Do you feel like you’ve been around this food merry go round so many times that you are afraid you will never lose your excess weight? Most of us that have been engaged in emotional eating have been on this cycle for so long, it’s hard to even approach it one more time. Each time we try it becomes harder and harder, and our successes becomes more short lived and we are right back to the food again.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Many of us feel very isolated that we don’t have someone to talk to or that really understands. People just seem to say, can’t you just put down the cake or go for a run. They don’t really get what we are going through. Being overweight and being involved in emotional eating are not the same thing. For an emotional eater the weight is just a byproduct of unhealthy thinking patterns. If you would like to shift you’re though process and you would like to learn how to break out of this cycle, you are in the right place.
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