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The Hungry Heart Program

The Hungry Heart Program was created to empower you to achieve real results!


Our 8 session, interactive online video program teaches you step-by-step how to finally stop the emotional eating and move towards a more rewarding, healthy, and balanced life. You will learn how to let go of the preoccupation with food and weight loss so you can come to peace with your body and lose weight naturally.

This is a proactive approach that addresses the core issues of why you aren’t approaching and dealing with food the way you want and provides the tools, concepts, and materials so you can learn how to make lasting lifestyle changes, naturally and easily so you can end yo yo dieting once and for all.

Each week* a new online session is released which includes:

  • Video session with Lauren Grant, Founder and CEO of The Hungry Heart, along with one of the Hungry Heart counselors, who lead you through that week’s session materials and show you how to make food and lifestyle changes
  • Opportunity to ask Lauren questions directly, share feedback, and follow comments with other Hungry Heart program participants in our group forum (accessible to Hungry Heart members only)
  • Guided visualization/hypnotherapy recordings that help you address core issues and resistance
  • Downloadable session materials
  • In addition, you will receive daily email tools and tips, bonus support videos, and other online tools and resources to enhance your long-term success

* Generally, clients will go through one session every one-to-two weeks. It is important to go through each session at a pace that is right for you. This is not a race to finish—it is about feeling truly comfortable and working through the concepts and tools in each session before moving on to the next one.

After completing the program, clients have the opportunity to continue working with us through our support and maintenance program.

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“This experience has been overall, healing. I am so grateful that I followed through with this program, and I hope to apply and share everything I learned.”

Terry C.

“It was a lovely, healing, and enlightening experience that finally freed me of the concept of compulsive overeating. By changing my thought patterns and perceptions of myself, I overcame my lifelong struggle with food. I will highly recommend your program for people with a hungry heart.”

Jill A.

“I have had nothing but a positive experience through the Hungry Heart. I learned so much about myself during the 8 sessions. I can definitely see improvements in my emotions, food choices, and I now feel that I can control the amount I am eating. I would recommend this program to anyone who struggles with binge eating!”

Donna Q.