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“Before coming to The Hungry Heart, I had a binge eating problem. I was constantly on new diets and trying to lose weight. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster ride with never-ending ups and downs. After the program, I am a changed man. I understand that diets don’t work and learned what was causing me to binge and overeat in the first place. I learned that my habit of counting calories was the root of all evil and that I should simply eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Food is always going to be here. I’ve become more motivated and eager to follow my dreams. It’s been an amazing program!”

Jim P.

“Is it session 8 already? I have learned so much during these sessions, and I am applying what I have learned. I stop eating when I am full and I have smaller food portions. These are the biggest changes over the course of the program for me. I will continue to work on figuring myself out, loving myself, and trying to exercise (still don’t love it) but my attitude toward food and my relationship with it have definitely changed. Thank you!”

Sue T.