Why Would I Hire a Weight Loss Counselor?

I had been actively dieting since I was 11 years old. Why in the world would I hire a Nutritional Counselor? I knew what I was “supposed” to eat! You name the diet; I could tell you the food rules of that diet and how long you had to follow the rules. The problem was when I wasn’t following a diet, where did that leave me? I’ll tell you…I was like a light switch either “on” a diet obsessing about the rules or “off” a diet and breaking every rule that had been imposed upon me in the last diet. (more…)

Hypnosis and Weight Loss: The Science Behind the Technique

Hypnosis and Weight Loss: The Science Behind the Technique

Here at The Hungry Heart, we’re proud of our certified clinical hypnotherapists. With thousands of happy clients who have taken advantage of our unique program that combines nutritional counseling and hypnosis for healthy weight loss, we understand how effective they can be. And yet, many people are not yet aware of the proven scientific research linking hypnosis with significant and long term weight management. Quite simply, it’s a technique that works, especially when it comes to breaking the destructive eating and binging cycles that can destroy the resolve of even the most determined dieter. (more…)

Effective Weight Loss and Good Health: It’s How You Eat That Counts

Effective Weight Loss and Good Health

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has released new recommendations on effective weight loss and dietary restrictions for maintaining a healthy weight, and their central message may surprise you. Rather than focusing on consuming only certain types of foods or particular nutrients, they suggest instead an emphasis on exercise, moderation and portion size as the key strategies that work over the long term. As they conclude, “labeling specific foods in an overly simplistic manner as ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’ is not only inconsistent with the total diet approach, but it may cause many people to abandon efforts to make dietary improvements.” A healthy balance, rather than extreme dieting, is the key when it comes to long term weight management.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy That Really Works

Here at the Hungry Heart, we understand the triggers that accompany emotional overeating. Whether it’s from your environment, a product of self destructive habits, or just cravings for the wrong kinds of foods, we can help you make the changes that will lead to better choices and healthy eating. With a combination of nutritional counseling, weight loss hypnotherapy and more, we have helped thousands of people lose those extra pounds naturally. Call us to learn how you can break out of the cycle for good, and get control of your health and weight, today! Enjoy weight loss hypnotherapy that really works!

Overcoming Binge Eating

Did you know that eating disorder therapists estimate that up to 75% of overeating is done in response to feelings rather than hunger? In other words, all those high calorie binge foods aren’t about addressing any nutritional needs, but rather, are a defense against stress, negative emotions or even feelings of boredom. The team at The Hungry Heart addresses the root causes of your emotional overeating. We can help you get control of your weight through addressing the real issues behind it. Overcome binge eating now!

New Averages, New Realities

Did you know the average American woman weighs about 140 pounds, and is approximately 5 feet, 4 inches tall? Contrast this with the 110 pound weight of the average fashion model, who also measures about 5’11. Negotiating the often harmful messages about what we’re supposed to look like can contribute, ironically enough, to overeating and the binge/diet cycle. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy, especially for those struggling with an eating disorder. If you’re ready to finally take control of your eating habits by addressing the underlying causes of your emotional overeating, call The Hungry Heart today. We can help you confront and overcome the real reasons behind your weight issues.