Weight Loss Isn’t About Suffering

Founder of the Hungry Heart Lauren Grant understands eating disorders and the damage they can cause  to your health, your heart, and your soul. If you’re struggling with weight loss, join us today and let’s get you started on the journey towards health and happiness. With a unique, proven combination of hypnotherapy, nutritional counseling, and behavior modification, the Hungry Heart approach is one that emphasizes success and encouragement, not endurance or will power.

End Emotional Eating

End Emotional Eating

Approximately 24 million Americans struggle with emotional eating, bulimia and other eating disorders. Only 10 percent of these people ever seek help. You deserve more in life than just an empty plate. Get in touch with the Hungry Heart and end the cycle today. Our program has helped over 10,000 clients overcome their struggles with food and weight loss once and for all. Our supportive team will give you the tools to reach and maintain a healthy weight that works for you, without the frustration and endless cycles of emotional eating.

Weight Loss Programs for Women and Men

Picking a weight loss program for women and men can be tricky. A weight loss plan isn’t just about exercising and eating healthy – it’s also about finding and building an emotional support system and creating a sustainable path for sticking with your new health goals.

With that in mind, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a weight loss program for yourself. Here are a few helpful hints that will get you pointed in the right direction to finding a systematic program that will work for you.

1.  Look for a healthy and balanced approach. The ability to sustain a weight loss program for the long-term is key, and knowing and understanding what you will be able to  do on a day by day basis without feeling restricted will set you up for success. Don’t focus on programs that offer short-term solutions or are solely focused on weight loss. A healthier lifestyle, including exercise, balanced healthy diet, and emotional support are all things that are imperative to sticking to a weight loss plan. Make sure that the programs you look at all offer these types of support elements.

2.  Look for moderation.  Remember, a balanced approach is necessary to see long-term results. A good weight loss program will focus on small victories – not extremes. They will also teach you how to take care of yourself in all aspects of health – getting adequate sleep each night, having fun, and making sure you get enough rest.

3.  Look for a strong support system. We talk about support systems a lot, and that’s because of the incredibly important role it plays in setting up and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  A good support system could come in the form of one-on-one counseling or a group environment, being able to talk and validate feelings with another person is an integral part of becoming healthier.

At The Hungry Heart, we focus on the big picture – not short term goals or strategic weight loss. We want you to transform not only your weight, but your relationship with food and implementing an active lifestyle. Our program are known for:

•    Counselors who “get it”. All of our counselors have battled unhealthy relationships with food. You’ll be sharing and getting support and motivation from someone who’s been through what you’re going through and can relate on a personal level.

•    A program that focuses on the “whats” and the “whys”. Changing your habits and behaviors are important, but so is understanding the triggers and emotions that are causing those behaviors and habits. We work with you to figure out what is causing unhealthy decisions and work with you to overcome those feelings.

•    Our program is known for it’s long-term focus, not short-term solutions that can backfire.