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A Caring Approach to Out of Control Eating

Are you tired of working hard to lose weight only to gain it back again?

Do you feel like you’ve reach a point in your life where you are giving up and giving in to every imaginable temptation when it comes to food?

Are you limiting yourself from participating in certain activities because you feel your body will make you feel uncomfortable?

Most of us have found ourselves feeling a strong loathing about our weight and our inability to lose those pounds. The frustration builds and our self-esteem plummets to a dismal abyss. We have all tried diets, exercise clubs, support groups, drugs and leaning about control. All this, and still we feel the face of failure. Perhaps it is time to become aligned with who you truly are, who you would like to be and learn what self-acceptance is all about. At the Hungry Heart you will discover a method that, step by step, teaches you to lose weight naturally and permanently.

Finally there is a program that assists you in breaking out of the diet/binge cycle and helps you lose those painful pounds. With the Hungry Heart you’ll learn to feel better about yourself, lose the insatiable appetite for food and come to peace with your body.

A Caring Approach to Out of Control Eating

The Hungry Heart is a place for healing your relationship with food so you can experience the exhilaration and passion of living every day FREE of compulsive eating.

A Caring Approach to Out of Control EatingLauren Grant is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nutritional Counselor. She will show you how to move past your preoccupation with eating and weight loss and move towards a more rewarding life.

As a former overeater, she battled for years with chronic weight fluctuations by starving and binging and exercising to excess. She knows first-hand how an obsession with food drains your energy and destroys the quality of your life.

She has maintained a success rate of many years and is glad that painful time is behind her. “I had tried it all. I contacted sponsors and friends for advice and guidance. This was understandable a very painful time in my life. Today I am proud to share that I’ve been free of compulsive overeating for over twenty years. I’m happy, healthy and not preoccupied with what I eat. Taking care of myself by eating healthy and exercising regularly is a natural way of life for me. Feeling my true feelings, dealing with the pains and pleasures of real life has allowed me to live free of compulsive overeating,” she says.

She created the Hungry Heart to help others move past that awful feeling of failure. Laruen earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She is a graduate of both the Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Los Angeles and the American Academy of Nutrition. Her credentials are impressive.

Through hypnosis, clients are brought to a relaxed state of consciousness where they choose to see only what is relevant to their task, blocking out everything else. Hypnosis involves guided visualization to create suggestibility in your mind. This allows you to rid yourself of inhibitions, behaviors, or negative habits. It’s the quickest and easiest way to facilitate change. You will get positive results.

The Hungry Hearts well-balanced approach to LIFE-LONG recovery is successful because she integrates your subconscious thoughts and feeling with your conscious awareness. Add the proper nutrition and you get to enjoy optimum good health and quality of life.


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