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Are you an Impulse Eater?

Are you an Impulse Eater?                                                                                                True/False

  1. Do you eat large amounts of food very fast in a short amount of time?
  2. Do you eat desserts or leftovers, even if you feel full?
  3. Do you sneak or hide food occasionally?
  4. Do you eat when your day if your day is stressful?
  5. Do you feel the need to eat most of the time?
  6. Do you give into cravings for certain foods and then overeat?
  7. Is your typical meal last less than 15 minutes?
  8. Do you usually NOT leave food on your plate?
  9. Even if you are not hungry, if good food is available, do you eat large amounts?
  10. Do you typically multi task while eating?
  11. Do you eat in several rooms in your house?
  12. Do you skip chewing food completely before swallowing?
  13. Do you eat too much after dinner?


Impulse Eating Behaviors Include:

Eating too much or too fast

Eating leftovers or dessert when full

Eating sweet, high-fat food as a regular habit

Hiding or sneaking food

Overeating and eating beyond being full

If you like the food, you will finish what’s on your plate regardless if you are full

Eating in locations other than the kitchen or dining room table

Your activities always seem to center around food


Night time eating

Tools to Overcome Impulse Eating:

1. Create a New Habit: If you are feeling stressed or anxious and are thinking about food, you need to create a new habit. It will accomplish two goals, one remove your focus on the food and two get you involved in another activity. So instead of eating the cake on the counter when you come home from a stressful day, why not go straight to taking a shower, calling a friend, go for a walk, join a group,  read a book, or play tennis. If you get involved in an activity that you would enjoy, then your day just continues and food is fuel so you can enjoy your next activity and have something to look forward to.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success Before Urges Hit: If you know you are always looking for sweets at 3pm in the afternoon, or when a vendor brings junk food in and leaves in the lunch room, you feel it calling your name, set yourself up for success beforehand. Eat healthy sweets that will meet your need, before that craving or situation surface. By doing so your blood sugar will level out and when you are presented with the sweets it won’t be calling your name. You will be able to skip without trying. Before I would take my kids to a birthday party, I would always have a hot chocolate or give my kids organic ice cream, the reason is when we go to the party, all the junk food and desserts wouldn’t be calling us. Our need for sugar and fat were already met. We didn’t’ feel deprived and we could concentrate on the people and the fun without a second thought.

3. Don’t Go too Long without Eating: If we go too long without eating, many times it sets us up to eat quickly, and overeat. We will make poor food choices if we are starving. Eat every 3 hours so you keep your energy up and you are never too hungry this way you aren’t as likely to feel out of control and overeat. Also take time to sit down, relax and enjoy your food. Appreciate your time to eat and that you are nourishing your body. By slowing down while you eat, it puts you in a different space then the rushing around we may be doing to get things done.

You are worth taking care of. What change are you willing to make today? Learn more about our program here.


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