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Menopause and PMS: How to Minimize Their Effects on Your Life Through Food

Menopause and PMS can be a struggle for women and their families.  Ladies, check out this list of dietary advice that can help you make positive  changes in your life and control the impact that menopause and PMS have on your life.  And men, pass along this helpful list to the women in your life to show your support.

For many women, dietary changes are the best place to start. Many women find increasing whole grains may help balance their estrogen levels. You may find getting your 5 fruits and 5 vegetable servings a day and one serving of legumes helps improve hormonal balance and PMS symptoms. Soybeans and soy products contain estrogen like compounds called phytoestrogens that help offset fluctuations in a women’s natural estrogen. According to Mark Messina, Ph.D. associate Professor at Loma Linda University, an expert on soy, women need 2-3 servings daily of soy foods which provide 60-90 milligrams of phytoestrogens. If you aren’t getting that on a regular basis, try especially hard when your menopause ad PMS symptoms are at their worst– it can make a huge difference!

Eating sweets only aggravates PMS. Instead of candy bars, go to whole wheat bread with honey or jam. Women consuming chocolate, coffee, colas, teas, even caffeine medications throughout the day may also be more likely to experience PMS. Some women can tolerate caffeine, and others can’t. You can test it over several months and see how you do.

When you’re experiencing menopause and PMS symptoms, it is also important to get enough protein to keep your energy level high and counteract the added stress and emotional fluctuation that comes from your hormones. Eating healthy foods rich in protein such a beans, legumes, and meat can also give your body good fuel to work off of to exercise, which is an extremely helpful way to mitigate symptoms. By eating the right foods, you can say active, which will naturally improve your mood, lower your stress level, and have positive effects on your fitness and body image. It is a great way to stay busy during this stressful time!

By making small, daily changes to your diet, you can control the effects of menopause and PMS on your routine.  Focusing on making these healthier choices will also give you something to be proud of and focus on, even when you find yourself stressed in other areas of your life.

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