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Lauren has opened this forum for an entire 12 months! She will personally take all questions, visiting the site every week to reply to your most pressing questions. Don’t forget, you can also post your questions in the comments section under each video anytime you like. Please note, Lauren usually visits the forums on Tuesdays, but during live event weeks or holidays she may not visit until the following week.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful program

  2. Hello Lauren,
    I am trying to start up again, but I do not have access to video. I believe when I purchased this it did not have a deadline. thank you, I am in need of support.

  3. How do I sign up for the videos ? I live in South Africa but I would love to watch the videos?

  4. HI Myrna,
    What would you want your food and exercise pattern to look like?
    What is it that you think you are scared of?
    What is it that you don’t want to do?
    What would happen if you were successful?